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The new network of paths of the Lake Penne Regional Nature Reserve was completed in the autumn of 2018, by the Municipality of Penne and by RICA the Italian network of environmental cooperatives, to unite the Historic Center of Penne with the Reserve itself. These are 6 distinct paths that can be followed individually or in a single circular itinerary that is just over 10 km. The individual routes are located around Lake Penne, the heart of the first WWF Italy Oasis in Abruzzo, where in 1987 the Region established a Nature Reserve. The paths range in length from just under 1km to around 3km. The routes were created sequentially, one after the other, in order to guarantee the continuity of a suggestive, interesting and captivating itinerary from a naturalistic and landscape point of view. The last stretch connects the 8.1 km ring to the historic center with a 2 km path along the Sardella ditch, almost always immersed in a rich spontaneous vegetation of downy oaks, willows and locust trees often entirely covered by ivy dark green and with robust clematis vines.

Lake Penne - R.Ventoso.jpg
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