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A magical experience in a Canadian canoe immersed in the most beautiful nature of Abruzzo!

By Canadian canoe on Lake Penne.

A magical experience immersed in the most beautiful nature of Abruzzo!


A Canadian canoe excursion on the lake, in the splendid setting of the Penne Lake Regional Nature Reserve, is undoubtedly a unique experience to admire the local flora and fauna. Immersing yourself in the heart of the Reserve, the colors will make the experience unique. In fact, the colours, different from day to day and from season to season, will guide you in an open-air watercolor exhibition. The spectacle is guaranteed and many visitors are fascinated by the possibility of observing the profile of the Sleeping Beauty of Abruzzo (the profile of Gran Sasso d'Italia) from another point of view.

During the excursion on the lake, guests will be able to admire the landscape and naturalistic heritage of the Reserve. To make the experience more complete, our guests will receive many precious information and curiosities about the city of Penne and the Vestina area. All this will be possible thanks to the contribution and preparation of our guides, trained in the COGECSTRE School of Naturalistic Hiking. Finally, hikers will have the opportunity to spot and immortalize the different animal species that populate the Reserve.

In the Reserve it is also possible to visit the Environmental Education Centre, the botanical garden, the Naturalistic Museum,  the Hybrid Wolves Wildlife Area, picnic areas. One of the most interesting moments is the visit to the butterfly garden. The Labyrinth Bike Park and the Bosco Collalto Adventure Park are nearing completion.

The Wolftour headquarters is equipped with bicycle rental services and a Fame da Lupi refreshment point.

This is not a simple excursion, but a real experience suitable for all ages, at the gates of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park.

Come and experience it with us.

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